Monday, January 4, 2010

The 12 Days of KranMyerDooFF

It all started with a few beers this summer at Shane and Andies wedding...Maureen and Meghan got into a fight about who stole the big wheel back in 1989. Then Maureen started shopping online and found the perfect gift for Meghan. An e-mail was sent to Kelly, Eileen and idea began to formulate, the name was generated by Andie over jazz and champagne in Chicago. More people were added to the e-mail, Aunt Barbara agreed to host, another house was rented, plane tickets were purchased....Deep Creek Lake was warned.
Coming to a theater near you Christmas of 2009....

12 Empty wine bottles (please note that this is per night...)

11 laughing, skiing, snowboarding cousins

10 squares of happiness (and other assorted desserts)

9 pounds of butter

8 Aunts and Uncles

7 Feet of snow

6 dinner parties

5 glasses smashed

4 Sisters singing

3 dogs chasing a three year old

2 broken bones

AND 1 BABY NORA ON SKIS (she's not a baby she's a BIG GIRL!)