Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesdays with Meghan: Stuck in a Rut

Life....is beautiful. It's amazing how through the times when we feel we're at our lowest, God is teaching us things that will bring us to our highest. On September 29th, I had my tonsils removed. Seven days out of school, a struggle for myself, professionally. One Month, no exercise, totally taxing on my body, mentally and physiologically. Meghan is just all off...
I will tell you that even stuck in a rut, the blessings in my life are shinning bright. So many amazing friends have surfaced and been incredible rocks for me, I have a new roommate and I LOVE living with her.

God is good. Life is good. Only following HIS will for me will get me out of this rut.

Song for this time in my life. 
You know the summer time is gone now
All the leaves are on the ground
Everything is turning
Stuck in a rut

You know another year is over
Ad another candle is on the cake
I ain't getting any younger no, no, no
Stuck in a rut
And only you could get me out of this place

Save me
Give me what I need
I know you can break these chains
And set me free
Save me
Give me what I need
I know you can break these chains
And set me free
Set me free

You know the wintertime is here now
And my poor heart is freezing up
Keep, keep the fire burning, baby
Stuck in a rut
And only you can melt the pain away


Wishing you were here
'Cause I can't hold on calm me down when I lie awake
All night long


You know the summer time is gone now
And my poor heart is freezing up

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesdays with Meghan: 8 Months in Review

Hello World, Meghan here: The worst of all Kranz sisters at blogging. Call it a lofty goal but I must hold my feet to the fire or I will continue to be the slacker in the crew. Every Tuesday I have dinner with my parents, giving Tuesdays the title "Tuesdays with Meghan". Catchy, corny, whatever, that is what you are getting....Each Tuesday after dinner with my parents I will write to the world, so grab your evening cup of Tea and each Tuesday get ready for "Tuesdays with Meghan". 
So this Tuesday I must catch myself up. 8 Months ago I wrote a post titled "My amazing Class", where as it did tell you lots about my class and their funny antics, it in no way informed you about Me. So I will not attempt to catch you up on 8 Months of my life.

Glenn (Left) Justin (Right) Drumm Run March 6, 2011
* I won 2nd Place overall for Women..ha..not sure there were any other women that day!
March was a fun month....ran a bunch of small races and had a spring break adventure to the beach with some girl friends!

Ran a half marathon (with Glenn from Picture above) PR time of 1:58:17. Amazing day. Enough said.
For Easter I visited Katie in Annapolis, have to get all the time we can in with Katie because we new she'd be leaving for Afghanistan sometime in the summer.

I did not do a whole lot in May other than run. I was training for the San Diego marathon at the beginning of June. Glenn (from the picture above) slowly moved his way into my life during April/May...he's still around. ;)
Being a runner himself, he understood the time and effort it took to train for a marathon. He was there for me every weekend, riding a bike with a back pack of waters. A.MAZ.ING. I knew he was a keeper then! :) 

San Diego Marathon! Amazing Race. I went out there with my friend Melissa, who ran the race too. After minor run ins with the Medics at the race, it was a wonderful race and experience. Great weekend, great 2nd Marathon. Ready for my next one.

One of the sweet Kiddos affected by the tornado!

Corrin Loved staying with the Sherrif!
In June, I also spent time down in Joplin helping with the cleanup down there. That tornado hit real close to home. Joplin is right outside of the town where I went to college, so I have lots of memories and friends down in Joplin. One of my dear friends works for the County Sherrifs Dept down in Joplin. He let us stay with him during our days of service. I went down with Glenn, Justin, Corrin, Molly, and Kara. We went down two separate times. Once we helped with clean up in homes and the 2nd time they needed teachers to help with free daycare that the YMCA had available to families in need. 

Vacation time!I went to Hilton Head with the family and a float trip with Glenn and his friends! 
Rough life in Hilton Head!

At the end of the Month (on my birthday actually) Kara, Eileen, Corrin, and I ran the warrior dash. Jumping over fire, crawling through mud, over ropes, and up hills...we were definitely warriors by the end!

Non Warriors
Sisters Road Trip! Eileen had been in Hilton Head, then drove to Kansas and was with us there all of July! She had to drive back to Boston at some point and so after a trip to Costco and Trader Joes we were ready for a sisters road trip with stops in Saint Louis and New Jersey. 
Katie was preparing to go overseas in New Jersey. This was our favorite pit stop on our trip! It was wonderful to see Katie and give her one last send off (She did not actually leave for another month though).

Lumping all of these into one because it all runs together in my brain. School has started. Full force, with a new group of kiddos! Loved my kiddos last year, but I know that God has placed this new group in my life for a reason! I love them already and know we're going to do great things together!
I love this time of year. I'm usually training for some sort of race...this year I am not. Last week I had my tonsils removed which is going to keep me from running for the next month. So I am on a break from running. I miss it and you can be sure i'll be back at it in November. :) 
In September I moved to a new house. I loved my old home and roommate but the house was tiny!Molly and I both needed more space. Miss her dearly. 
My new home is lovely and only like a mile from my old place...so life has not changed too much! 

Molly, Kara, and I on a summer night out!

Glenn's Birthday!

Sisters golfing!

My Birthday!

 Here are other random pictures since March. 

Love My life and all those who bless it daily!