Friday, September 9, 2011

The Manhattan Update--BONUS: Craft project!

Happy New School Year! Buckle up, Lalli is a senior.

First off, I had a great summer, really absorbing and appreciating everything I love about Manhattan, KS. Like sunflowers!

So here's a list. Things I've done recently.

1.) Sorority Recruitment
Its hilarious to me that I've been in a sorority for three years. This was my last year of recruitment (or Rush), and I'm going to be sad to say goodbye in May.

Its an exciting week for us, spending 12 hour days working and spending time with the other girls in the house.  Our hard work paid off, and we had our best recruitment in 4 years!  Sometimes we just need a little stress releif. We're really pretty.

2.)Moved for the 3rd and LAST TIME (in Manhattan, anyway)
I moved three times this summer. I've decided that rather than hating moving with every fiber of my being, I'm going to love moving. I love it. So much. This is my roommate Jenny. We love to move.

See? We LOVE TO MOVE!!! Also, cardboard boxes are endlessly fun and distracting when you have things to do. 

This is our new apartment. I live with 3 girls, Jenny, Grace, and Sara. See as Jenny Dramatically poses in the living room. 

I did a craft project to christen this new aparment.  We have an obnoxiously ugly cinderblock wall  in the living room. To remedy this, I bought a piece of luan plywood, painted it with "chalkboard" spraypaint, and voila! Chalkboard in the living room. 

 It's like magic.  However, there was a dispute amongst my roommates that I should clear up here. CHALKBOARD SPRAY PAINT does not change the molecular structure of the surface you paint. Its still plywood, so don't get mad when you can't get chalk out of the woodgrain.

I wasn't satisfied with just ONE chalkboard in my livingroom though. So I made a chalkboard coffee table out of an old piece of glass someone had. It makes a perfectly chalkboardy surface. We're working on getting more crates underneath for storagey purposes.

Well Friends and Fam, that about wraps it up. Those are the little details of my life that I am relishing in right now.  I'll keep you updated as I head to auditions and interviews this year, and as my post-grad plans come into focus (what a terrifying and exciting thought!)