Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So much happiness!!!

This will be an incomplete story.  It was just so wonderful, my brain couldn't contain all the Happy Birthday memories.....

My friday, February 4th started out innocently as ever.  My 9 am class was cancelled.  I was thrilled,  I had opened my first K-State mainstage show the night before, naturally I was exhausted.  In no rush to clean (because my parents weren't coming up until Saturday, my birthday) So I bummed around my dirty house, took Amadeus for a walk, went to my favorite coffee shop for a cup of coffee and reading.  Nice, relaxing morning before my afternoon classes and my show that evening.

I got an unusual text message from my father at 2:00, while sitting in Theatre history.
  "hi lia. on our way." Oh Dad texting.  He must be confused on his new smartphone.
"On your way WHERE?!" I was panicked....  My house was a mess, I had class until 4:30, so no time to go home and clean up before they arrived.

Oddly enough, my Roommate, Lauren, didn't seem panicked about this at all.  (out of her personality. Typically she would be panicked and upset that I was SO disorganized not to know when my parents were coming....) Turns out...she was in cahoots with Meghan and had known for a month that this was happening. I'm now afraid of how good a liar my roommate is.

Somehow, I got the house cleaned and I got showered by 5:00.  Mom and Dad came over, always glad to see them, and after about 15 minutes, In walked Eileen and Matt......!? Of course, Meghan had a video camera and was recording my reaction to this.  Katie is a terrible liar and tried to convince me (via text) that she had no idea any of this was going on, but when I walked out after the show, there she was in Nichols Theatre Lobby. Oh Katie.

The next day was a typical Kranz vacation day.  By typical I mean we went on a dramatically long walk up until we had an hour before we needed to be somewhere. Dinner at Olive Garden was lovely.  Wine and a martini later, The sisters left my phone number for the waiter (we later established that only works ONCE in your life), and after the show headed out to Aggieville, the notorious K-State Bar district.  All of my friends loved my sisters ("4 Lisas?!")("Now I understand how Lisa happened....")

This is the point where I don't know what happened anymore.  Another sister must pick up the story from here.  Its probably funnier from their perspective....

Also,  I'll point out that there are no photos from this because "new" facebook has blocked people form lifting photos from the site. Blame facebook for the lack of photography. Another sister took pictures, I'm sure of it.