Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Smattering of Topics...

Eileen here.

I have a couple points of interest to discuss:

1) New format for blogging.
2) The latest addition to our family.
3) An outline of posts-waiting-in-the-wings.

1) First things first. I had this idea for blogging that I saw on a couple other blogs with multiple authors. Not that it's SO hard to alert the world (that is, our 10's of millions of readers....is there anyone here?) of who the "speaker" is, I thought it would be fun to at least TRY to color code the author. So, from now on the color/writer assignments are as follows:


If anyone has an issue with their color we can make adjustments, just say!  Also, I goofed around with the template/layout... change it back or to something else if you hate it!

2) Matt and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday- I can't believe 2 years have gone by already! Anyways, to celebrate we pulled out all the stops cooking up a delicious meal, complete with tenderloin steaks, a yummy sauce that Matt whipped up, and red bell peppers stuffed with quinoa and red-wine portabellas all paired with Heston Vineyard's 2005 Cabernet.  For dessert I baked bacon-bourbon brownies to go with Artiste's Le Bec Sucre. Yes you heard that correctly. Bacon. Bourbon. Brownies. How bad can that be?  

The brownies were too delicious to capture photographically

Anyways, the point of item 2 was not about our anniversary, but about the gift we received from our neighbors. Those of you who know about our neighbors know that "neighbor" is code for "construction crew." They are actually quite nice, though loud during the day.  It seems to be a kind of DIY operation going on over there, and the owner of the property recently made a hefty purchase, which is what I mean when I refer to the "latest addition to our family"........

.........Introducing, our new puppy! 

His name: Stanley the Excavator

3) We are  behind on the blogs.  A mental list I have going of things we need to post about are:
       a) Hilton Head!
       b) Me and Meghan's Road Trip/Visiting Katie
       c) Lisa moving, starting her senior year!
       d) What am I forgetting?

That's it, I'm out. Stanley says hi!