Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rock Me Amadeus.....

I haven't blogged a whole lot about my life.  Everyone knew I went to Hawaii, etc.  Sometimes I feel my actual life here in Manhattan is a Mystery to some people. New years resolution...I'll work on that.
I live with my very good friend Lauren Michelle Perez.  We bonded my freshman year when she was my theatre mentor, and we make the best roommates. Its really a perfect system.  Our townhouse apartment is so cute, and we really are having all the fun. More pictures to come...someday.

A few months ago, Lauren brought up to me that she wanted to get a dog.  Since she is graduating in May, her philosophy is that she doesn't want to move alone.  So after much deliberation, she bought a Siberian husky and named me its second mother.  Meet Amadeus, my new roomie.

Meet Amadeus. (Ami for short)  He is 8 weeks old, and I named him when I was doing my Music Theory homework.  He is very well behaved (he's almost entirely housebroken already!)

This is the weirdest dog I have ever met.  He hates puppy treats (We're training him with soynuts, its how I got him to sit still for these pictures), and when we first got him, he didn't eat until we lured him to the puppy chow with sweet and sour sauce.

This flower is his favorite toy, and he loves to play with people. He's gonna be a big guy too....his dad was 75 pounds!  :) I never thought I'd turn into much of a mommy until I heard myself say "Amadeus, no! Does that belong to us? That is NOT how we do"

Anyway, He's my new little love, and check out those blue eyes! He's so pretty...I love living with him...even when he tried to chew on my slippers. 

Happy Tuesday!
The littlest Kranz

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