Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My amazing class!

Just a quick post from me, Miss Kranz.

Ah! It's state assessment time! I love this time though because I really get to see all my students push themselves and they grow a ton! It's incredible to see! Our theme for state assessments each year is "Rock the Test". We set goals for ourselves, wrote them on paper guitars, and hung them around the classroom! They loved this!

After state assessments each day, I allow my kids to have free time. They need the break. We were jamming out to some tunes, some kids were dancing, and I took this video! Oh the joy that I find each day in my classroom!

Love my kids!

"I promise you every day your children will learn something. Some days they'll bring it home in their hands. Some days they'll bring it home in their heads. And some days they'll bring it home in their hearts."

--Valerie Welk


  1. So cute Meghan- You are amazing!

  2. you are the most amazing teacher....person!!
    these kids are so very blessed to have you in their lives!!