Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chez Kranz Nacht (ok weekend) de Gourmet

January 29th commenced the 1st Semi-Annual Conference of the Eldest Sisters Kranz. Spanning the course of 2 days and 2 nights, the first and second born Kranz sisters partook in a rigorous fast as a way of reflecting and living in solidarity with those more fortunate than them.
Eileen and Kate subsisted solely on 4 basic survival necessities:

1) Cheese
2) Truffle Honey
3) Wine
4) Jonas

Some might ask, how are these survival essentials? Well, friends, we will tell you.

First, cheese has a copious amount of protein. It's nutrition AND delicious
Second, cheese simply tastes better with truffle honey on it, and at 30 dollars per 8oz jar it MUST be good....especially when you're eating super rich delectable Roquefort.
Third, Jesus' first miracle was changing water into wine. Sea Smoke is a religious experience. Questions?
Fourth, We have no way of justifying Jonas, except to say that Katie is about to turn 30 and let’s face it folks….cougars have needs too…..

Eileen flew in on Friday early evening and the two sisters bee-lined directly to Whole Paycheck (i mean Foods). Attempts to be speedy were thwarted by the cheese display (extensive), the meat counter (not suggested for those sympathetic to PETA), and the uppity employee who declared haughtily that their establishment did not carry corn syrup. Apparently even the question is considered morally reprehensible, and he looked like he was about to call security. Upon arriving back on Yachtsman Way (at 8pm), the girls proceeded to pull together a feast in the spirit of Europeans (they didn't dine until almost 10pm).

Menu items included:

1) French onion soup with San Francisco Sourdough croutons
2) Portobello and Gorgonzola Risotto
3) Asparagus with Balsamic glaze (more on this item later)
4) Fleur de Sel Caramels
5) SeaSmoke 2006 Botella Pinot Noir and a 2007 Multepulciano d’Abruzzo

This evening's culinary delights included not one, but TWO, attempts at creations that require a candy thermometer.

Balsamic Glaze: Exhibit A)

Please note, Fleur de Sel Caramels are NOT so delicious when they are undercooked and/or too de Sel-ly. That being said, there was no dessert on Friday, but check out the final spread from dinner:

Moving on to Saturday:
The morning started with a tiny hangover, a slight fog really (Eileen ranked herself at an A-minus), but it was nothing that scrambled egg grilled cheese sandwiches couldn't fix! Mel stumbled in halfway through, way worse off, but the eggs and juice had her in top shape in no time! After a few episodes of Jonas (no, we weren't kidding about it!), the beauty regimine began to prepare for Wine Taste-ology 101. Of course, Snowpocolypse 2010 had struck Annapolis, so the going was slow getting out of the house: shovelling, scraping, fish-tailing etc. There may have been a brief consideration of cancelling plans, but let's be honest, there are worse places to get stuck than a wine store and Whole Foods. Boo-hoo.

Speaking of plans cancellation, there were also plans to attend Catholic Underground in Arlington to see the Understudies play, but THEY canceled. With new found free time, it was decided that another trip to Whole Foods was in order!
A trip to Williams Sonoma was also a necessity to buy candy thermometers.

Saturday night's menu:

1) Cheese tray (SHOCKING)
2) Homemade potato gnocchi with garlicky homemade pesto sauce
3) Bacon Wrapped Scallops
4) Arugula Salad with Kate's Krazy red wine Vinaigrette
5) Fleur de Sel Caramels (takes 2 and 3)
6) Wine....Cotes du Rhone (x2) and Wrongo Dongo (try it, it's a gem for under 10 bucks!)

There were zero gross things about Saturday's dinner. A complete success, but unfortunately no pictures :(

Shane (a frequent guest star in our blogs) came over with the dog... (see previous post of Eileen squatting Hershey), along with friends Gavin, Leigh, Alan and Casey. A rousing game of Clue commenced....who knew Shane was a Clue savant while drinking wine and Knob Creek!?!

Sunday morning began with a viewing of Julie and Julia, and proceeded to brunch at the Charthouse with Mel and Pokey! After a delicious round of lobster/brie omelets and mimosa's, it was sadly time to take Eileen to the airport.

All in all, it was a legendary weekend, one for the books. Best weekend ever! Until next time!

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  1. Katie, that is so nice and cool how someone knitted you a sweater to go over your cast!