Tuesday, February 16, 2010

oh my god oh my god you guys!

February 13th, 2010 commenced the Heartland Conference of the Youngest Sisters Kranz. It began with Lisa inviting Maddie and Ethan Burton to Sigma Kappa Siblings day, and then calling Meghan to see if she wanted to join in the fun. Thus, a Blog-worthy day was born.

Oh yeah, I turned twenty about a week ago....yay me!

So the day began with a rush of 60 girls trying to make their rooms hour-tour-appropriate, setting up cake walks and duck ponds, and last minute decorations. Needless to say, Sigma Kappa was buzzing with excitement for all of our siblings to arrive.
When Meghan showed up, I found her in the Founders Room with Maddie and Ethan, playing with balloons. I knew right then that it would be a fun fun day....

And so we began what was to be a rainy, but great siblings day!!
Meghan Donated this adorable Bee cake to the Cake Walk, and revisited the "Little Blue Box" eight girl room (Meghan takes credit for naming this room during August Move-in day)

Then Lunchtime happened, and we ate a balanced lunch of hot dogs, hangabars, and mustard. Meghan learned that Lisa can only eat a lollipop if she has a cup of water to dip it in, and Lisa learned that Meghan only likes mustard. Crazy.

So then the lovely grownups left, and it was just The Kranz-Burton family. We had a very education and fun experience playing TUMBLING TOWER II (Not Jenga....we're far too cheap for that.)
Since we were at K-State after all, and KSU is known for its high quality architecture and engineering programs, we put our skills to the test in this feat of architecture.

We ALL tried our very best.....

Then sadly, it fell down. Meghan was really upset, but good thing no one here wants to be an architect. Or an Engineer.

Some rather hilarious conversations followed this, with Meghan getting called Lisa, getting repeated comments from girls saying we were "Twinkies...."

They were good times, but unfortunately Meghan had to leave us, some bible study, Valentines day Baloney. Parting was CLEARLY such sweet sorrow....

But Seriously, she misses me. and NOW Miss Maddie Burton wants to come to K-State some day and be a Sigma Kappa....Lisa has already begun training her.


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