Thursday, October 7, 2010

My adventures with King Khameamea

Yes, blog world, there is a 4th sister...her name is Lisa. She fell off the planet because she wasn't doing anything cool. But i'm back, with one fabulously breif trip to Hawaii under my belt.

I learned many lessons while in Hawaii. Like how snapshots can be far superior to a posed picture, and how if you leave your beach mat by a won't be there when you come back for it 5 minutes later (in fact you'll find a homeless man sleeping on it not 5 yards from where you left it.)

We somehow managed to pack our days completely full with seeing all the signts that Oahu had to offer.
From relaxing and staying on the beach, to a PACKED full day learning about polynesian culture, to a beach front cheeseburger in paradise, we had ALL of the fun.

Mom and Dad are the cutest, by the way.

oh yes, and we are all ukulele champs, now. I was going to upload a video of me singing and playing the uke....but i realize my skills aren't up to par with Don Ho. And this blog is a less than forgiving I will restrain. For now.

But at the culture center we went to a luau...ate poi! and we had so much fun at Hale Ohana Luau!

We climbed Diamond head, and snorkeled...and we shopped all over Waikiki beach! Also, count the newlyweds is a really fun game.

Dad is oh so special!

Its so beautiful....I couldn't stop taking pictures!

The USS Arizona and Pearl Habor Memorials were so moving, and an incredibly awesome way to spend our last day on the island. I just didn't want to leave...and I was so mad at Dad that he got to extra 25 days. :(

And yes, awesome beach-blown hair runs in this family. Its post diamond head tresses!

I think the pictures speak for themselves, but I can't say enough how perfect the timing of this trip was. I really needed something that nothing could ruin....I had strep and a ridiculous fever the day before I got on that plane...and thanks to antibiotics, I was good to go! I've come back to manhattan recharged and ready for the semester....but a little dissapointed in the lack of palm trees....

Besides that....theres not a whole lot I can justify complaining about...because i just spent 5 days in the most beautiful place i've ever seen.

In the words of my wise, wise father (at a tourist complaining)..."Shut're in Hawaii!"

Life is good :)

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  1. great blog from the little sister!! Looks beautiful there, what a fun trip with your amazing parents!