Monday, October 11, 2010

A lot can happen in a day...A journey to running a marathon.

Well I'm home. Marathon Experience = Indescribable
Here go my efforts to retell the story of my journey to Portland.

To Start the Whole adventure, my students and amazing friends created an amazing send off for me...

5:30pm Thursday September 30
I boarded a plane to Detroit. Unfortunately I was Zone 4 which caused me to be one of the last to board the plane. Upon entering the aircraft I quickly realized that there would not be any room for my carry on suit case to fit in the overhead compartments. I very willing gave my bag to the attendant who told me they would GATE check it for me (meaning I would get it when I got off the plane in Detroit, much like a stroller).
7:40 pm
Landed in Detroit. Waited when I got off the plane with the other Gate Checked bag folks....I waited....and I waited. No bag. When everyone had left I asked the attendent when I would receive my bag. She informed me that they had not "gate" checked my bag, but checked it all the way through for me. Ok...not a big a deal I guess...
8:00 pm EST
Flight to Portland delayed till 1:40.
2:00 am EST
4:00 am EST
Checked into hotel after finally getting re booked on a flight....I would not be leaving Detroit until 7:40 pm on Friday...awesome. I was super excited because now they also had my bag, with my food, running shoes, and phone charger.
Well God sent me two angels that stood in as friends/uncles for the 24 hours that I was in Detroit. The Hawkinson Brothers were wonderful we had a great time getting to know each other and keeping company in Detroit.

After a long series of ridiculous events, 9 boarding passes later I arrived in Portland at 12:30 am on Saturday. My bag had arrived in Portland...sigh of relief...

So we slept then had to make the most of our togetherness that had been cut short.

We went to the expo to pick up packets and buy fabulous jackets to commemorate our achievement.

We traveled north to Freeport to do a little shopping and guess who decided he would come watch us run our Marathon...PATRICK DEMSEY! Yea he came to LLBean to see us!

So then full of anxiety and excitement we filled our bellies....
had chugging contests....
and put ourselves to bed for the next day would be a big day for us!

The next morning we rose early, ate our breakfast, got out running gear on, and headed out the door....

It's hard to describe how I was feeling that morning...full or excitement and anticipation...super pumped for that finish line..

Pre race Photo Shoot

Off we go....

Mile Twelve we were stunned to see Aunt Katie and Kathy Kelley! Best thing ever! Definitely gave me a boost of energy to make it around Princess Point. Our Family is amazing. Eileen and I had about the same reaction... :)

Into the home Stretch!

And the finish line!!!! WE DID IT!!

When we finished it was incredible! Aunt Kelly did not feel so hot and Eileen and I just ate all the food! :) We made it home, showered, napped, and laid around. Matt was our personal trainer and he stretched us all out. Mary gave foot massages, and Joe ate box after box of cheese its. :)

So now that it is all over...I can't explain how it feels to have run a marathon. I have lots of extra time in my week and I feel purposeless! Now that I've run the marathon...what is next? Crazy I know but now I need a new goal! I wish I could go back and do the weekend again!
Next time though...I want to do it with ALL the sisters....

Lisa that is a challenge...


  1. Do you think it would be possible for us to do a marathon next fall? Is 2 years more reasonable? We could all raise money for a charity and do Marine Corps!

  2. I would love to do something!! Or you guys could meet me in Orlando....
    the next one we could do is in 2012...but that would still be fun!