Monday, November 1, 2010

I usually hate this Holiday...

So I'm usually a huge grinch when it comes to Halloween. I hate the costumes peo
ple come up these days and everyone always annoys me.... Well this year was different.

My Halloween weekend began on Friday at school. My third grade teammate and I dressed up as things 1 & 2 from the Cat in the Hat. The kiddos loved it! It was such fun do be a dork with my team mate all day! We got a note from one of the students thanking us for dressing up. She said she had never had a teacher dress up and it was so fun for her...and that is why I love my job!
Then we had Halloween parties at school. Crazy but such fun! My students were so cute in their outfits! One kid was jar of Pickles! I had to take a picture...How did she know about my relationship with pickles!?!

So after the crazy school day was over I hopped in the car and traveled five hours to visit James! It's been two years of him up there in Law school and I've been a horrible best friend and I've never gone to visit. James loves dressing up for Halloween and call it coincidence but this year he decided to be a penguin! (For those of you who don't know James and I....we LOVE penguins. We've always shared this bond)

James and I went to Law school fun events with friends! I, for the first time, enjoyed Halloween festivities. I did however enjoy looking at all the undergrads in constumes...I forgot that when dressing up for Halloween you don't actually wear a lot of clothing in college. I was supposed to be a slutty penguin...silly me!
Saturday Morning I woke up and took myself on a beautiful run through the Campus and University of Iowa!
James and I then joined up with his Law School friends for a pre game tailgate and then went the football game! James rocked the penguin costume the whole day! :) I was dressed up as a hawkeye fan for the day! :) What a great game though!

Saturday night, James and I were beat from going going going. We enjoyed a relaxing dinner at a restaurant on the water, then went for a walk, rented a movie, and went home! It was the perfect relaxing evening. Just spending time together like old times! It was wonderful!

I left Sunday morning. Driving home I could only smile, for multiple reasons:
1. I had an amazing relaxing weekend with an old dear friend. James and I needed that quality time together! I've missed him!
2. I got away from life for a weekend and sorted through some thoughts in my head.
3. Stepped outside my comfort zone and made myself participate in Halloween festivities!
4. Enjoyed the incredible weather all weekend!

Hey check it out....I blogged promptly!
Documented! I win!

I love Fall!


  1. You're so cute Meghan!! I love your blog :)


  2. Kranz (the third one),

    Just noticed you have a blog. Awesome! The title of this post made me laugh. We used to hate on Halloween together back in the day! Anyway, I'm glad I found this, and I hope you're doing well.


    PS - Hi Eileen. Hi Lisa. Hi Katie (even though I've never met you.)