Monday, October 26, 2009

Best For last....

I made you all wait this long...Now I feel this pressure, to write something profound. Well If I'm going to make it through this I'm going to have to make a numbered list. Maybe even an outline. I'm teaching my students paragraphs, but I myself can't stay on track long enough to complete a paragraph...

1. My name is Meghan.
A. Why are we introducing ourselves?
B. Who is reading this?
C. Isn't it just going to be us chatting with each other?
2. I'm a 3rd teacher in Kansas City.

A. Not a pilot
B. Not a doctor of people's feelings and ages.
C. Not a tap dancing drama queen aesthetics chair.
3. Unfortunately I'm the one left behind in KC.
A. I just can't get out.
B. Mom likes me.
1. I get yummy meals a lot.
2. It's nice to see her, she's lonely.
C. Hopefully I'll get out of here soon. I'm getting stir crazy.
4. Hobbies
A. Clearly I don't do many things that require time spent at a computer.
B. Dreaming about time spent with sisters.
C. Running.
D. Coffee with Friends.
E. Spending quality time with people that mean the most.

So that's all that I could conjure up during this fifteen minutes on my plan time. Love to all.
Life is Good, God is better and I love when we can see all the blessings in our life each day. Look around...I bet you'll find them too!

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  1. Meghan I LOVE that the picture of you is with a stuffed face of cantaloupe!