Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Well, I ran my second marathon this weekend....the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC. And Eileen ran her FIRST in Maine 2 weeks ago! Meghan has been running Half-Marathons like a champ and totally beasted her last one, ALMOST broke 2 hours!! WOOOO!!
Our next race all together is going to be the Newport Pie Run on Thanksgiving Day up in Rhode Island. Team Mimi will be sporting new team shirts and running skirts. We WILL run for pie (and wine....)
Someday maybe Lisa will run with us!!!

Newport Beach Half Marathon in January 2008, the last one we all ran together...

Brian, Kate and Dan before MCM 2009.

Steph, the best cheerleader ever!!

Kate and friend Gary and Brandon before Marine Corps Marathon 2009.

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