Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eileen's First!

Hello, I am finally making my first post!

This is sister #2 (aka Eileen). Since Meghan is the last to post, I am stealing her love for number lists as I tell you a little about myself:

1) I live near Boston, MA (in Waltham to be exact, which is about 10 miles westof the city)

2) I just got married (in August, more on that later), and my new last name is Graham (and my husband's name is Matt)

3) For lack of a direction post-college-graduation, I decided to go to graduate school, and am now in my 5th year in a Ph.D program for Social/Developmental Psychology.

4) With any luck I'll be graduating in May 2010 (with a little less luck it will be August)

5) Among my favorite things to do are: snowboarding, wine-tasting, SINGING, playing the piano, running, baking new things (the current fall weather is causing me to produce many apple-inspired delicacies), traveling, and spending time with my fabulous family!

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